What is sleep?

What is Sleep?

The body rejuvenates itself through a multiple stage sleep cycle, which repeats several times during the night. During these cycles, the body processes wind down and the muscles relax. The heart rate slows and blood pressure and body temperature fall to lower levels. The conscious mind is altered, inwardly directed, and not awake to the outside world.

What is Sleep fitness?

Along with eating right and getting enough rest, proper sleep has a tremendous impact on your health and well-being. MacDavid Wellness Solutions Inc. has developed an individualized approach to creating an effective sleeping environment. Our ‘rejuvenating gel’ mattresses are specially designed to respond to your individual weight and shape.

Good Sleep can enhance life!

Good sleeping habits are beneficial in many ways. Good sleeping habits help people to deal with everyday tensions and pressures, help the body ward off illness, reduce tendencies toward irritability and help control emotions. When people sleep well, they look and feel refreshed.

Poor Sleep can limit a person’s potential

Poor sleep can yield a drowsy, irritable, cranky person. Even one night's sleep loss can increase tension and strain. People may look older than they really are. Over a period of time, the loss of deep, restful sleep can result in physical and/or mental fatigue that is difficult to overcome. How well a person sleeps determines how they will function when they are awake...your mattress directly determines the quality of your sleep.