Sleep Guardian

Sleep Guardian’s focus is on wellness sleeping solutions for the home. The Sleep Guardian offers an at home solution to the challenge of providing innovative, functional and healthy sleep ... and do so while keeping financial constraints in mind. 

Sleep Guardian’s solution incorporates our uniform and visible gel layer in the manufacture of this Canadian made product. Resulting features and benefits include,

  • Better comfort and quality of sleep than provided with just foam
  • Temperature regulation ... the surface of a non gel layer foam mattress can become very hot or very cold. Our mattresses, will dramatically reduce this problem
  • For those spending hours on end in bed our gel layer insert will minimize troublesome pressure points and improve comfort
  • A gel layer surface is not only easy to clean but provides a contamination barrier for the underlying foam – another means to resolve or eliminate mattress foam contamination

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Product description

Removable cover w/360° zipper

¼“ Opus gel inlay

1” 5 lb. memory foam

8 ¾”  2.5 lb. foam core

Supportative outer side rails

Total thickness 10”