Our Gel in mattress

Our ‘gel’ in a mattress...benefits


Comfort - Our gel is a ‘soft solid’ that conforms to the body thus providing superior cushioning and comfort, and

  • Does not migrate from under point of pressure
  • Has high elasticity - responds immediately to changes in body position
  • Reduces skin shear and can reduce occurrences of pressure sores

Temperature regulator - Manages heat build-up - As a mattress insert, our gel will never be warmer than body temperature. Is temperature neutral, which means heat doesn’t affect firmness or support.


Support - Holds weight without bottoming out and has high load bearing capacity and vibration dampening.


Extremely durable and resilient 

  • Will not harden
  • Will retain its’ shape over time
  • Will not absorb odours and fluids
  • Will not leak or break if punctured

Wellness benefits

  • Easily cleaned and sanitized
  • Does not support bacteria growth
  • Is non-allergenic
  • Can be disinfected