A mattress overview ...

Mattress Overview

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The basic functions of a mattress

A mattress in its simplest form is a sleeping system with different parts working together to do two main things. These are to provide you with Comfort, and Support.... in all sleeping positions.


For comfort, which is mainly about pressure relief, your mattress needs to conform to your body shape, form a cradle that is deep enough to spread your weight over the surface of the mattress and relieve pressure points.

For support, which is mainly about spinal alignment, your mattress needs to control how far different parts of your body sink down into a mattress. This is primarily the role of the lower parts of your mattress or what is called the support layers.

Mattress comfort layers

Comfort layers consist of the upper few inches of a mattress and are a very important part of all mattress construction. They are primarily responsible for pressure relief which is one of the two main functions of all mattresses. The comfort layers also include any quilting layers used in the very top part of a mattress since they act together to give a mattress its pressure relieving qualities.

For comfort... layers need to be able to both relieve pressure and fill in to support the gaps in your profile, this layer needs

  • Softness (to allow you to sink in deeply enough to form a cradle),
  • Progressive resistance (to increasingly stop the sinking so you don't go all the way through the layer),
  • Point elasticity (the ability to shape itself exactly to your profile), and
  • Resilience (the ability to push back and hold the more recessed parts of you up).

Mattress support layers

The mattress support layers, also known as its’ core, includes all the layers below the quilting and comfort layers of a mattress. They are primarily responsible for spinal alignment. They do this by controlling how deeply different parts of your body sink down into a mattress while you sleep. In some mattress constructions, particularly those with thinner comfort layers, they have secondary functions of helping the comfort layers to form a pressure relieving cradle and helping to hold up the more recessed parts of your body profile such as the lumbar.

There are five basic types of conventional mattress cores. These are Innerspring, Latex, Polyurethane, Airbeds, and Waterbeds.... Our gel could also be used to provide support.