Mattress Construction


1.   ¼” Opus Gel – a uniform layer bonded onto the top of the comfort layer of foam.  Opus gel properties provide lasting stability and precise shape retention for continued performance year after year.


2.   1” Comfort layer - made of 5 lb. per cubic foot memory foam which will continue to outperform and outlast inferior foams. Similar products use 2.5 – 3.0 lb. memory foam which has about a 1-2 year life expectancy.  5lb will last 10x that long.  More foam and less air, makes for a better, longer lasting product.


3.   4 ¾” Core - high quality foam core for years of reliable support.  Foam quality is measured by weight and this product is 2.5 lbs. per cubic foot making it one of the best support foam offerings in the market.  Typically foam mattresses are 2.0 lbs. or less and will suffer from premature breakdown.  Your product will not show signs of wear for many, many years.  Why have hundreds of metal coils when you can have billions of foam cells.


4.   6” ”Truckers Edge” - Extra firm outer rails for seating support.  This helps the user sit on the edge of the bed and do the simple, common things, without sinking right down to the base when, for example, putting on socks.


Mattress CutawayMattress Cutaway