gel Master


gel Master's solution to the trucking market will incorporate a number of features aimed at meeting the needs of those sleeping in an ‘away from home environment’. Benefits include

  • Comfort and quality of sleep...a sound sleep and waking up rejuvenated, refreshed and alert. 
  • Temperature regulation - without a gel surface foam mattresses can become very hot or very cold... a particularly problem in confined spaces such as a truck sleeper cab.
  • A gel surface is not only easy to clean but provides a contamination barrier for the underlying foam, which in turn, prolongs mattress life.
  • Will not leak if punctured!

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Product description

Removable cover w/360° zipper

¼“ Opus gel inlay

1” 5 lb. memory foam

4 ¾”  2.5 lb. foam core

Extra firm Truckers Edge side rails

Total thickness 6”