As a custom processor of ...

As a custom processor of gel components, we are constantly on the look-out for new and innovative applications whose features would benefit or be enhanced with our gel.

A Toronto, Ontario based producer of viscoelastic gels and soft polymer materials and we are a custom processor of gel components according to our client’s specifications.


Gel layer - liquid and contaminant barrierGel layer - liquid and contaminant barrier



Currently our components are used in

• Mattresses

• Seating

• Cushions

• Mattress Toppers



MacDavid takes pride in ensuring that we utilize only FDA, USP and/or Health Canada compliant ingredients and that all of the products offered are manufactured locally using our proprietary formulations, thereby ensuring the use of only the highest quality safe ingredients.


A couple of innovative advantages our clients benefit from  

•The development of a customized process to bond a uniform and visible layer of gel on foam  

•And the creation of a manufacturing process which permits the application of a visible gel layer up to 60" wide. Our client then incorporates this manufactured component in the construction of a mattress.